How to choose a laptop for college

Today laptops have become quite essential while you are in the education field as today most of the studies are done digitally. So buying a laptop while you are off to the collage is quite necessary. Today computers play a very important role in a student’s life. The technology has opened a huge window of knowledge which is helping student to understand things in better way. People are conducting digital classes across the world which will help you to know anything from anywhere. Also it is said that a person understands the topic well if it is taught visually. So computers play an important role in the education systems. 

Choosing laptops is the best decision while you are off to college. The first important benefit about laptop is its portability. To0day laptops are extremely sleek, light weight and highly portable. This actually allows you to carry your classroom in your bag. You can use it anywhere; at home, class or even on the road. Though smart phones and tablets are new better portable options but still there are few things which can be done only using laptops. You can play games, watch educational videos, create presentations or even write or read your study material. Besides all this there are few things one must consider while you buy a laptop for yourself. Following are some points which you must consider while buying a laptop. 

Select the right OS platform

Choosing an Operating System is one of the most crucial parts one must consider while purchasing laptops. Basically there are three major operating systems available in the market that are; Mac, Windows and Chrome OS. All these three are extremely good while you consider its performance. Following is the quick review of these operating systems which will help you in choosing one of them. 

Windows 10

Windows 10 is considered as one of the most flexible and popular operating systems. Windows is one of the most utilized operating systems by various laptop manufactures. So in short if you go for Windows you have plenty of optios to choose from. The OS has a digital assistance by Cortana in the start menu. The start menu has live tiles which consists all most of the applications present in your PC. It is one of the most user friendly Operating System. 






The MacBooks by Apple come with their own operating system that is Mac OS X EI Captain. It’s basically a Linux based operating systems which is quite similar to Windows 10. The slight difference is in the start menu. Windows has a fill page start menu where as in case of MAC there is an apps DOC at the bottom of the screen. The best part about this OS is it syncs really well with your iPhone and iPad. 

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is an operating system offered by Google. It’s a simple and secure operating system but is available in limited options. Some of the laptop manufactures have used this operating system in few inexpensive models. The user interface and other display features are much similar to Windows 10 but there is a downside that some offline applications don’t work well with this operating system. 

Consider 2-in-1

Today many laptop manufactures have launched laptop devices which can switch between conventional clamshell mode or a tablet mode. Though cost wise these laptops go a bit higher but they will offer extreme portability. The 2-in-1 laptop comes in much style. In some model the screen is detachable from the keyboard and can be used as a full fledged tablet or in some laptops the screen can rotate for 360 degrees. 

Choose the right size

When you are a student selecting a laptop of a perfect size is very important. The increasing screen size also increases the its cost. Choosing a small size and light weight laptop is the best decision in the student life. As you already carry other books and material in your bag your laptop must be light in weight and size. Large and heavy laptops will only add some additional burden on your back. A laptop between 11 to 13 inches is ideal for you. 

Keyboard and touchpad

If you work a lot on your laptop then your keyboard plays an extremely important role. The keyboard of your laptop should have good ergonomics. The keyboard should be solid and tactical. The keys should be light to press and must have a proper distance between each other so that the typo mistakes will be reduced. Also with touch pad make sure its cursor is not jumpy and doesn’t unnecessarily response to the multi touch feature. 


Memory space is one of the most important factors one must consider while purchasing laptop. If you work with lot of data and have to store many things in your laptop then having a good memory is very important. Along with this also consider RAM and processor. Minimum 4GB RAM is essential to have a good performance and Intel i3-i5 core processor is ideal for use. Also consider having SSD as it will make your laptop really fast. 

Graphic card

In student life having a graphic card in your laptop is a must. A graphic card is essential for gaming, making 3D projects and so on. Go for an AMD or Nvidia graphic processor. 

Don’t compromise battery

The battery life of your laptop is one of the most essential things you should consider. Poor battery life will spoil the portability of your laptop. An ideal laptop should have at least 6 hours battery life. While checking for battery life don’t go for manufactures words, instead go for online and third party reviews. 


Money is the most important factor while you buy anything. Obviously when you are in student life considering budget is a mandatory thing as you are financially dependent. So study well what fits in your budget and what are your requirement. The laptop ranges between $150-$900 you can select the one according to your choice and budget.

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