A Complete Keurig Mini Review – Mini Coffee Maker with Exciting Design and Features

Persuasive Reasons for Coffee Devotees to Settle with Keurig Mini Coffee Maker

For all those coffee devotees, Keurig brings the most compact and portable coffee machine that offers quality brewing every time. Keurig K-Mini or only Keurig Mini Coffee Maker brews high-quality coffee quickly and with the highest convenience. It comes with some fantastic features to make your coffee brewing session pleasurable. Coffee lovers are always loyal to their coffee machines, and they prefer brewing their cup of coffee wherever they go. So, to cater to their demands, Keurig comes forth with their compact series of coffee makers.

Keurig has two mini models, namely, Keurig K-Mini and Keurig Mini Plus. Despite being the compact and portable coffee maker, it is quite significant that can brew a perfect cup of coffee on the go. This mini coffee maker is equivalent to simplicity, convenience, and ease, and these features make it worth considering. Let us check out the complete review on this Keurig Coffee Maker.








Keurig Mini Coffee Maker Review and Evaluations 2020


According to the Coffee Maker Reviews, this portable coffee maker by Keurig comes with a sleek and clean design, and most of the parts are food-grade plastic. It is available in three different variants, and you may choose according to the decor of your home kitchen.

The machine is tiny and easy to operate. Remove the drip tray to accommodate the tall travel mugs under the spout, and its controls are available on the front top panel of the coffee maker. Since it compact in design, you will only find few commands in the machine, including one brew control and one on/off button. It has a portable non-removable water tank at the back of the device, and the reservoir holds sufficient water to brew a perfect single K Cup Coffee. After every brew, you must refill it for the second cup of brewing.

Brew Quality

The quality of brewing with this machine is on point. It uses the regular K-Cup pods, and it brews the same remarkable coffee like all other models from the brand, including Keurig Mini Plus. It delivers the perfect cup of coffee, which you may modify by adding ice to have a yummy iced beverage.

Because of the average brewing temperature, the coffee may taste weak for some people. The machine lacks robust coffee brewing features and functions, and because of this, many people are complaining about the coffee tastes are too watery. It is a good coffee maker, but not suitable for all. It is not a good choice for people who prefer experimenting with brewing coffee. It is the primary coffee machine and not ideal for advanced coffee beverages.

Technical Specifications and Features

In the segment of a small coffee machine, Keurig Mini coffee maker always excels for its robust features and solutions. It has all the necessary features and offers additional convenience like 90-second auto-off, compatibility with taller travel mugs up to 6 inches, removable drip tray, and cord storage unit. There are no options to choose the strength of coffee and control temperature like Keurig K Mini Plus.

The coffee maker needs 120V supply for smooth operation and brewing, and it works with all K-Cups Coffee Capsules, making it the best K Cup Coffee Maker in this segment. Since it lacks in the portafilter, users are required to fill the K-Cup with ground coffee. It can brew anywhere between 6oz to 12oz of coffee at once. The precise cup size depends on the amount of water in the reservoir.

Keurig Mini is the lightweight coffee maker that weighs only 4.5lbs. It is a small and lightweight model that is easy to carry while traveling. The height is 12.1 inches, and the width of the machine is 4.5 inches, while it is 11.3 inches deeper. There is a water reservoir at the back of the coffee maker. It has a holding capacity of a maximum of 12oz of water.


Despite being portable and compact, this coffee maker impresses the coffee lovers with its powerful performance every time. Many Keurig Maker Reviews online have rated this coffee machine 16 out of 20 in terms of performance. It brews fine coffee conveniently and quickly. It creates a perfect brewing temperature for a hot cup of coffee, and the flavor is deep enough.

Brew Time – This is the fastest and portable coffee maker that takes hardly 60 seconds to brew a 6oz hot cup of coffee.

Flavor – This machine allows coffee lovers to engage in different K-Cups. It brews coffee that is tasty, flavorsome, rich, and deep.

Temperature – Keurig Mini lacks in the option of controlling temperature for brewing, but the brewing water easily reaches 180 F Degrees, which is sufficient temperature for best brewing.

Noise Levels – Since the machine is compact, there is no noise produced by the device. It is the quite coffee maker ever made.

Cleaning – In terms of cleaning, it is quite easy and convenient. Some of the parts are removable and dishwasher safe. So, you will find no difficulty in cleaning the machine after brewing a perfect cup of coffee.

What Makes Keurig Mini the Worth Buying Coffee Maker Today! 

Health & Safety Features

As per the claims of the manufacturer, Keurig Mini Machine has only BPA-Free material, and most of the parts are food-grade plastic. Since the machine is FDA approved and BPA Free, it is safe for use.
But, there are some health issues related to K-Cups. The manufacturer has addressed all those concerns in their later models.

Price to Value

This coffee maker comes with a low to mid price range, which is affordable for all. This coffee maker is quite reasonable in the Keurig portfolio. The price tag of the machine seems to be great and neat. It is capable of brewing great coffee, comes with some basic, yet pleasing functions and made by a reputed American brand.
The coffee maker seems to be affordable given the technology, features, specifications, and designs. Apart from brewing neat coffee, a leading brand stands behind this coffee maker. Plus, the coffee maker is compatible with all K-Cups, and today it holds a prominent position in the market.

Pros & Cons of Keurig K-Mini Machine

• Convenient and extremely easy to use
• Auto-off function
• Modern and clean designs and exterior looks
• Comes with discreet storage for the power cord
• It has brew size between 6oz and 12oz
• Water reservoir holds a perfect quantity of water for a single brew
• Water wastage is nil in the brewing process
• Small and compact and this makes it a great companion for frequent travelers
• Affordable price point

• Limited programs and functions
• Compatible with K-Cups only
• No options to select coffee strength and temperature
• Made out of plastic body
• The plastic feels and looks cheaper
• Non-removable, small water reservoir that holds water for single brew only
• Needs refill every time for brewing

Why Choose Keurig Mini Coffee Maker Over Others?

This Keurig Coffee Maker is the best portable and small machine ever made by the brand. It is synonymous with convenience, ease, and simplicity. The maker requires K-Cup, coffee mug, and water to brew the perfect hot cup of coffee. It helps the users to brew the ideal and neat cup of coffee in a matter of seconds using its four simple steps. Simply insert the favorite K-Cup for brewing, refill the reservoir, place the coffee mug below its spout and click the on button. It is what you have to do, and the hot cup of coffee is ready for you.

Frequent travelers who love to brew their coffee on the go may settle with this new compact size coffee maker. It makes the brewing session simple and easy, indeed. With this coffee maker, you can enjoy brewing as you are not required to involve in the lengthy coffee brewing process. Plus, users are not required to have advanced skills or knowledge like professionals to brew a neat cup of coffee with this compact machine.

Above all, this coffee maker is amongst the most affordable and reasonable coffee makers in the Keurig portfolio. This machine will never disappoint you as it can brew a decent cup of coffee on the go, and it cost you below $100 indeed. Some of the other reasons to invest in Keurig K-Mini are:

• Compact and small size maker
• Ability to fit the taller travel mugs easily
• Low to medium budget
• Can brew several sizes of coffee
• The Strong brand behind the coffee maker

Who is Perfect for Keurig K-Mini?

According to the Coffee Maker Reviews online, Keurig K-Mini is perfect for people of all ages, right from young adults to mature coffee devotees. This compact coffee maker is the easiest and compact coffee machine to use, and it only has one button to press, and you get a fresh and neat cup of coffee on the go. This coffee machine is perfect for those coffee lovers who don’t want or desire to learn the technicalities, the ins, and outs of brewing coffee. It is easy, convenient, quick, and simple to use.

Despite being compact and small in size, this coffee machine accommodates different lifestyles and purposes. It includes:

• It fits easily into any small spaces, whether it is your office, dorms, or home kitchen.

• It is available in a variety of color schemes and varieties to suit the decor of your room.

• The compact and portable size of the machine allows travelers to carry it with them on vacation. Rather than satisfying with hotel coffee makers, you may use your beloved coffee maker to brew delicious and flavorsome coffee instantly.

Final Verdict – Is It Worth Buying Keurig Mini Coffee Machine in 2020

As Keurig Mini is the most affordable, compact size coffee maker, it is suitable for travelers and other coffee lovers to prefer brewing coffee on the go. It is small and comes with the necessary brewing abilities and compatible with K-Cups only. In terms of weight and size, it is outstanding and perfect for offices and homes with space restrictions. Since it is compact, you can carry the machine with you on vacation with ease.

Many people use this coffee maker to brew the perfect cup of coffee while on vacation instead of using the hotel’s coffee makers. It can brew a satisfying cup of coffee and compatible with taller travel coffee mugs. The machine lacks in all big fanfare and sophistication that you usually find with other larger models. The brewing process is also straightforward, simple, and convenient. It does a good job and performs well when it comes to brewing hot coffee using the K-Cup pods.

If you love brewing coffee from coffee pods, then Keurig K-Mini is the coffee maker that you must have at your kitchen or office.

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