Your Cooling Companion To Beat The Heat

High temperatures and extremely hot weather are what summer awaits you for. To fight the same, all one requires is an effective yet affordable way of fighting the heat. Yes, you are guessing it right; we are directing you to air coolers! These boxes, like units can be considered to be your most convenient and reliable companion to get away with heat. With technology doing wonders, there are several different options for different needs. One such cooler that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times is the Evaporative air cooler. These coolers are also known as swamp coolers or desert coolers.


Evaporative coolers, as the name suggests, uses the technology of evaporative cooling. These units differ greatly from other air conditioning settings and work on a different mode that works on the way of spreading cool air by evaporation of water.

Imagine the experience of goodness and relaxation you feel when you place a moist cloth on your forehead on a hot, sweaty day? Similar is the goodness that you would experience with these air coolers! The share the working in common, that is, they cool the surface by decreasing the temperature as and when the water starts to evaporate.

The Working:

In the simplest of words, evaporative air cooler work on the way of spraying water around to cool the place by the process of evaporation. With this, the temperature of the room significantly drops, giving a cool and pleasant experience. The making of the cooler comprises a fan, a wide pad supplemented with a water reservoir and some other easy systems to personally change and alter the controls.

The fan takes in the dry and hot air, which is passed through the water-soaked thick-layered pads. These pads have multiple layers and absorb water from the reservoir. When the hot air passes through the pads, the cool water helps in the evaporation of the same that drops the temperature of the air significantly and the fan throws out the cool air assuring a breeze of cool air on the hot summer days.

Advantages of the cooler:

  1. Part of the building of the cooler is the placement of the multiple air filters that are exclusively designed to put away with any dirt, allergy particles or bacteria that helps in providing air with great quality making it extremely good to breathe in.
  2. Evaporative coolers use far less energy than other conventional air conditioning modes! This takes care of not just the environment but also your pockets. The sole reason behind the same is the fact that it requires electricity for only running the fan, which does not require a lot of energy.
  3. Moreover, these coolers only use water refrigerants and not chemical refrigerants that make safe for the environment too.
  4. These coolers are available in a variety of sizes and other features to suit personal requirements and needs. These coolers cater to individual preferences for the sake of making up with the many demands people have with their air coolers or air conditioners.

The range of evaporative coolers:

Evaporative coolers are available in different forms and features that range in sizes as well as specifications. These features help individuals to pick up the most appropriate air cooler for themselves and their homes or offices.

  • Easy move evaporative coolers:

This is the popular kind of cooler, the portable evaporative cooler. These coolers work similarly as that of any regular evaporative cooler but additionally are supplemented with a set of powerful, strong wheels. These wheels help in the movement of the cooler from one room to the other, making it an effortless and easy process. This can be considered to be your own Portable Air Conditioner Personal Air Cooler.

  • Sizes matter evaporative coolers:

These coolers greatly focus on the many sizes these coolers are available in. As per personal requirements, the sizes of the coolers vary! This greatly depends on the place, or the space one needs to set the cooler in.  From mini to large, there are many sizes of these coolers. The Mini Cooler as the name suggests is a compact, small yet very effective cooler that promises to keep you cool in the hot days. The cooler can become your very own Mini Portable Air Conditioner as it works extremely well!

  • Evaporative coolers for all spaces:

With the many sizes and features, these coolers account to be perfect for all spaces and areas. From living room to offices, the cooler is always got you covered. There is a range of Office Cooler Humidifier & Purifier that is specially designed for offices not just to keep the space cool but to purify the air around too.

With the many different varieties and options of air coolers, one can very easily find their perfect Personal Space Air Conditioner that would always promise to keep your home or office cool and ready to beat the heat.  

The secret success story:

One secret that is unique to these coolers is the fact that they work extremely well in regions with dry climates. This is not that difficult to understand because of the clear working of the coolers. As the working revolves around the evaporation of water into the atmosphere, the availability of dry air in the entire space compliments its effective cooling. With the dry air in place, the water molecules can float out very easily as compared to humid air as it already has high moisture content. Along with this, the presence of dry air also accelerates the process of cooling by dropping the temperature of the air pretty quickly.

On the contrary, this is not the case for areas that have humid climates. This is particularly because the working of the cooler requires the cooler to spray out more water that, in turn makes the atmosphere and the air way more humid. This cooler is a saviour for people who live in regions that have consistently dry atmospheres.

Making the most of the cooler:

Unlike the basic air conditioner units, evaporative coolers function differently. With the many options that you can choose from, you would not like to compromise with the outstanding cooling experience that it has to offer. To assure the best results of the same, there are a few things that one must keep in mind to experience the best cooling.

  1. The working of the cooler requires a consistent and constant source of warm air that requires you to keep a window or a door open while the cooler functions. Contrasting to the other air conditioner units that require for you to seal the cool air in the room, this air conditioning unit expects the opposite.

2. There may be times when you do not use your cooler for long durations and so when you plan on resuming the working of the same, be sure that you wash and clean up the reservoir and fill it up with clean water. This would help keep away the mold and other water borne creatures that may stick up due to the availability of moisture.

3. Another aspect that needs a closer look and deeper introspection is the size of the required cooler. The size of the cooler should be in accordance and proportion to the room you need to place the cooler in. A Mini Cooler may not work perfectly for a huge room and vice versa. For maximum cooling experience, one needs to keep in mind the size of the room and that of the cooler.

4. Do not unnecessarily add ice cubes in the water of your cooler unless it comes with a different provision of the same. Adding ice cubes when not required, may end up slowing down the evaporation process. Hence, it is always advised to keep up with the guidelines mentioned and use the unit as prescribed.

Final Words:

Your search for an affordable and effective solution to beat the heat officially ends here! The evaporative coolers are your one-stop solution for fighting the high temperatures of the summer days. With the slightest of consideration and thought, you can achieve excellent cooling experience to suffice these hot days. This article brings you all the appropriate information that you need to consider before buying a cooler for yourself. With the tips and the availability of the cooler ranges, one can always end up choosing the most appropriate unit for themselves.

With the efficiency and effectiveness that the cooler offers, there are no times that you would feel bad about the purchase of the same. From the pricing to the working, all things fall in place to bring you an outstanding cooling experience. With the help of a little consideration and remembering the water requirements and other settings, one care surely makes the most of the cooler. Apart from these features, the fact that the cooler is an environmentally friendly option makes the entire purchase guilt-free too. So it is time for you to choose your preferred cooling companion for the summers!

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